Welcome to The Merit Badge Project™!

Do a good deed daily...

We do things because they’re interesting, because they’re engaging, because they’re the right things to do, because they contribute to the world.

The Merit Badge Project is a social network geared around capturing the most powerful medium in the world for sharing, giving and creating. We challenge participants to do real good, in real time, in real ways.

Why create a second life, rather than fully engage in the actual one? Why just win virtual fame and honor from a make believe game when you can earn merit and contribute virtue in genuine activity? Why plant fake corn or buy fake cows for a fake farm, when you can reap the abundant crops of kindness, charity, service and love that you actually sow?

Your participation in The Merit Badge Project will spawn a positive virus that infects the world with merit fever. Imagine millions of us doing a good deed daily.

Merit Badge is a fun, engaging, on-line, social networking-driven challenge community based on earning (and sharing) a series of virtual Merit Badges by accomplishing "meritorious" goals.

Each badge is based on a genuine virtue and can be accomplished in fun, exciting, and creative ways.

You can make “merit” infectious by displaying the virtual swag of badges you earn on your Facebook and MySpace sites, iPhone, and desktop. Challenge your friends to earn badges, share your stories on our site and spread the word to others that they, too, can be merit makers.

The Merit Badge Project is still a few weeks away from launch, so stay tuned for details!

As you meet the challenges and earn your badges, our promise to you is that you will get back way more than you can ever give.